Eric Rogers

Eric Rogers

As Director of Procurement and Contract Services, Eric Rogers provides oversight to Procurement, Contract, and Payment Services.

Keeping the university’s core educational, operational and research activities supported by timely and compliant sourcing of quality goods and services at the right price has been a major emphasis for the Procurement Services team under his leadership. As a working manager, Eric gets involved in the high risk, strategic and complex agreements needed to support the university.

Eric’s broad experience has given him a good working knowledge of contract creation and management, supply chain management, strategic sourcing, state and federal procurement law, competitive processes and generally accepted accounting principles. Areas of interest include negotiations, problem solving, communication and relationship building. He finds solving problems and helping others with a professional and friendly demeanor very rewarding and of great importance.

Eric has been with WSU since 2005 and has been in the Purchasing Office since 2006, with previous experience in the private sector. He received his BA in Business Administration with emphasis in Management from WSU with a minor in Spanish, then later completed his MBA at WSU.

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