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Business and Financial Services

Welcome to Business and Financial Services

At Business and Financial Services, we are proud to support Washington State University’s strategic plan, by providing effective, collaborative, customer focused, efficient, and compliant business and financial services.

Our dedicated team is committed to delivering high-quality support services to students, faculty, and staff across our multi-campus system. We also extend our support to research and extension centers located throughout the state and to global activities around the world.

Feel free to explore our service areas using the navigation links below. If you have any questions or need assistance, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. You can find our contact information on the Contact Us page. Your success is our priority, and we look forward to serving you. Go Cougs!

Our Service Areas and Responsibilities


With a keen focus on continual process improvement, our Modernization team identifies, prioritizes, and collaboratively deploys business process improvements and continual process enhancements through tools like Workday to help build efficient and effective processes.

Office of the Controller:

Bursar’s Office

Our team manages financial resources for students, handling tuition payments, billing, and the collection of tuition. We assist students with various student account matters while ensuring the prompt receipt of tuition funds for the university.


Our team manages comprehensive payroll services for faculty, staff and students across the WSU system. We are committed to providing accurate and timely payroll processing with adherence to federal, state and university regulations, while providing support and guidance to WSU departments and personnel on payroll related matters.

Sponsored Programs Services

Managing the financial aspects of sponsored grants, we ensure accurate accounting, financial reporting, billing, and cash collections. We safeguard project funds, optimize the university’s financial position, and strive to foster positive relationships with sponsoring agencies and university personnel.

University Accounting

Our team manages financial accounting and reporting, ensuring tax compliance, overseeing the appropriate use of funds, and maintaining a robust financial controls framework that supports effective university operations and safeguards university assets.

Purchasing Services:

Contracts Team

Our role is to review, negotiate, and execute procurement and business contracts in the best interest of the university and in compliance with university business policies and applicable federal and state procurement regulations.

Purchasing Team

We provide oversight, guidance, and procurement of goods and services in compliance with university business policies and procedures as well as applicable state and federal procurement regulations. In support of the university’s mission and values, our responsibilities include procurement efficiencies and process improvements, conducting formal solicitations for competitive prices, negotiating terms and conditions for purchases, engaging diverse suppliers and providing training and resources for campus buyers and departmental staff.

Payments Team

We manage all financial activities related to payments. Our responsibilities include overseeing invoice  processing and Expense Reimbursements, managing purchasing card programs, travel and vendor records, while cultivating strong relationships with suppliers to ensure accurate and timely disbursement of funds, optimizing cost-efficiency and cash flows for the university.

Treasury Services:

Our team plays a pivotal role in safeguarding the university’s financial resources and investments, working diligently to maintain a secure and stable financial environment. We oversee financial management, debt planning and issuance, PCI compliance, investment strategies, and risk mitigation to support the university’s fiscal health and long-term financial sustainability.

University Real Estate Services:

University Real Estate Services at Washington State University (WSU) is a system-wide service that collaborates with campus leadership to meet real estate needs while enhancing campus relationships with local municipalities and private sector organizations throughout the planning and execution process. We provide a wide range of professional expertise and resources to develop and manage a financially attractive real estate portfolio and lead private and public partnership activities, managing all aspects of real estate transactions and property management for the university’s needs system-wide.

General Contact Information

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